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The Invisible Library by Genevieve Cogman

The Invisible Library - Genevieve Cogman

The first installment of an adventure featuring stolen books, secret agents and forbidden societies - think Doctor Who with librarian spies!

Irene must be at the top of her game or she'll be off the case - permanently...

Irene is a professional spy for the mysterious Library, which harvests fiction from different realities. And along with her enigmatic assistant Kai, she's posted to an alternative London. Their mission - to retrieve a dangerous book. But when they arrive, it's already been stolen. London's underground factions seem prepared to fight to the very death to find her book.

Adding to the jeopardy, this world is chaos-infested - the laws of nature bent to allow supernatural creatures and unpredictable magic. Irene's new assistant is also hiding secrets of his own.

Soon, she's up to her eyebrows in a heady mix of danger, clues and secret societies. Yet failure is not an option - the nature of reality itself is at stake.


THE INVISIBLE LIBRARY is a book that I've been curious to read for a while now and I was quite happy when I got the chance to read it. I mean how can you not, if you are a bookworm, find the description of the book tantalizing? A Library that collects fiction from different realities. The book is intriguing right from the start as we get to know Irene who is on a mission to retrieve or rather steal a book. Finding rare books is what Irene and others that work for the Library do, they blend in and steal books and especially rare books that only exist in one reality or differ in another reality.


The Lost Child of Lychford by Paul Cornell

The Lost Child of Lychford (Witches of Lychford) - Paul Cornell

It’s December in the English village of Lychford – the first Christmas since an evil conglomerate tried to force open the borders between our world and… another.

Which means it’s Lizzie’s first Christmas as Reverend of St. Martin’s. Which means more stress, more expectation, more scrutiny by the congregation. Which means… well, business as usual, really.

Until the apparition of a small boy finds its way to Lizzie in the church. Is he a ghost? A vision? Something else? Whatever the truth, our trio of witches (they don’t approve of “coven”) are about to face their toughest battle, yet!

The Lost Child of Lychford is the sequel to Paul Cornell's Witches of Lychford.


I'm impressed, and I definitely must find myself a copy of Witches of Lychford to read. I found the cover and blurb tempting and, despite having not read Witches of Lychford (how I have missed it is the question) did I find myself quickly engrossed in this book. It's a short story, but it manages to contain a lot of action, humor and some paranormal things like an unhappy little boy apparition. Personally, I just love the love portion part of the story. It gave the story a hilarious aspect.

This may be the first Paul Cornell book I have read, but it will certainly not be the last. I've been interested in reading his Shadow Police series, but now I seriously want to get the first book! The Lost Child of Lychford was a fantastic book, and I hope to read more books about Lizzie and the rest of the gals!

I want to thank Macmillan-Tor/Forge for providing me with a free copy through NetGalley for an honest review!

Night and Day by Iris Johansen

Night and Day: An Eve Duncan Novel - Iris Johansen

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author comes the explosive third book in the latest Eve Duncan trilogy.

Iris Johansen's third book in her latest explosive trilogy starring forensic sculptor Eve Duncan takes readers on a high-energy adventure with Eve fighting to overcome the odds. Protecting Cara Delaney from the enemies who want her dead leads Eve to be their target. It will take everything she has to rescue Cara, and doing so will put that which is dearest to her at risk. Night and Day is the pulse-pounding race to a conclusion that will have readers on the edge of their seats.


SHADOW PLAY, the first book in the trilogy and book 19 in the series was the first book I read by Iris Johansen with Eve Duncan and I was instantly hooked and since then have I read several Eve Duncan books. However, I've been looking forward to reading NIGHT AND DAY, the last in the trilogy after I read HIDE AWAY, the book before this one that ended with a cliffhanger...


The French War Bride by Robin Wells

The French War Bride - Robin Wells

World War II Paris serves as the backdrop of a story of compassion, betrayal, and forgiveness from the national bestselling author of The Wedding Tree . . .

“I never knew what he saw in you.”

At her retirement home in Wedding Tree, Louisiana, ninety-one-year-old Amelie O’Connor is in the habit of leaving her door open for friends. One day she receives an unexpected visitor—Kat Morgan, the ex-fiancée of her late husband, Jack.

Kat and Jack were high school sweethearts who planned to marry when Jack returned from France after World War II. But in a cruel twist of fate, their plans were irrevocably derailed when a desperate French girl overheard an American GI’s confession in a Parisian church. . .

Now, Kat wants to know the truth behind a story that’s haunted her whole life. Finding out how Amelie stole Jack’s heart will—she thinks—finally bring her peace. As Amelie recalls the dark days of the Nazi occupation of Paris, The French War Bride reveals how history shapes the courses of our lives. . .for better or for worse.


I had no idea this was part of a series when I started to read this book, but as far as I know is the books not linked to each other than that they take place in the town of Wedding Tree. All I knew was that I wanted to read this book the first time I saw the cover and then read the description of the book. I have a deep love for books with parallel timelines and I found the description of the book fascinating with two women, old now, finally confronting the past...




Thought I would do a makeover over at my blog and now the sidebar has disappeared. I tried resetting the template. But it's still gone as you can see if you visit It's a Mad Mad World...  


The Royal Nanny by Karen Harper

The Royal Nanny: A Novel - Karen Harper

Based on a seldom-told true story, this novel is perfect for everyone who is fascinated by Britain’s royal family—a behind the scenes look into the nurseries of little princes and the foibles of big princes.

April, 1897: A young nanny arrives at Sandringham, ancestral estate of the Duke and Duchess of York. She is excited, exhausted—and about to meet royalty. . . .

So begins the unforgettable story of Charlotte Bill, who would care for a generation of royals as their parents never could. Neither Charlotte—LaLa, as her charges dub her—nor anyone else can predict that eldest sons David and Bertie will each one day be king. LaLa knows only that these children, and the four who swiftly follow, need her steadfast loyalty and unconditional affection.

But the greatest impact on Charlotte’s life is made by a mere bud on the family tree: a misunderstood soul who will one day be known as the Lost Prince. Young Prince John needs all of Lala’s love—the kind of love his parents won’t…or can’t…show him.

From Britain’s old wealth to the glittering excesses of Tsarist Russia; from country cottages to royal yachts, and from nursery to ballroom, Charlotte Bill witnesses history. The Royal Nanny is a seamless blend of fact and fiction—an intensely intimate, yet epic tale spanning decades, continents, and divides that only love can cross.

I read The Royal Nanny after I started to watch Netflix tv-series The Crown. I also, years ago, watch The Lost Prince about Prince John and now I want to rewatch it after reading this book. This book was really fantastic and I'm glad that I took the time to read it. 
One thing that really struck me about this book was what a fantastic life Charlotte Bill had. Sure, not an easy life, with sacrifices and lot of sadness. But, she lived through a time of changes, world wars, kings, and queens, and she saw it all. 
Reading this book made me wonder how much was true and how much was added to the story. Charlotte's "love story" with Chad, a very platonic relationship I might add (since working for the royal family as nanny prohibited marriage) felt like the thing that was added to make the story a bit more tragic & romantic. At first, I did not really find myself enjoying that angle, but as the story progressed did I find myself more and more enjoying their story. Who knows, Charlotte was young once, and giving up the idea of a marriage life to take care of other people's children can't have been an easy decision.    
I think Karen Harper has written a superb book about a woman who gave up her life to take care of six children, two that would later one become Kings. One thing towards the end that really made me think was Charlotte's thought about David, when he was old and not King anymore, how he never managed to get over how his previous nanny had treated him, and after that, how he spent his whole life being attracted to the same dominated kind of women until he married one. Interesting...

I want to thank the publisher for providing me with a free copy through Edelweiss for an honest review!

Cover Crush: A Twist in Time by Julie McElwain

Erin over at Flashlight Commentary is the one that came up with the cover crush idea and I loved it so much that I decided that every Thursday would I post a cover that I really love. 


There was no question about what cover would be chosen this week as a Cover Crush. I love the first book in this series, A Murder of Time. And the sequel's cover is pretty similar, but I don't mind. It is just as stunning! 
When Kendra Donovan’s plan to return to the 21st century fails, leaving her stranded in 1815, the Duke of Aldridge believes he knows the reason—she must save his nephew, who has been accused of brutally murdering his ex-mistress.

Former FBI agent Kendra Donovan’s attempts to return to the twenty-first century have failed, leaving her stuck at Aldridge Castle in 1815. And her problems have just begun: in London, the Duke of Aldridge’s nephew Alec—Kendra’s confidante and lover—has come under suspicion for murdering his former mistress, Lady Dover, who was found viciously stabbed with a stiletto, her face carved up in a bizarre and brutal way.

Lady Dover had plenty of secrets, and her past wasn’t quite what she’d made it out to be. Nor is it entirely in the past—which becomes frighteningly clear when a crime lord emerges from London’s seamy underbelly to threaten Alec. Joining forces with Bow Street Runner Sam Kelly, Kendra must navigate the treacherous nineteenth century while she picks through the strands of Lady Dover’s life.

As the noose tightens around Alec’s neck, Kendra will do anything to save him, including following every twist and turn through London’s glittering ballrooms, where deception is the norm—and any attempt to uncover the truth will get someone killed.


Check out this week's cover crush over at 
Flashlight Commentary
The Maidens Court

Career of Evil by Robert Galbraith (SWE/ENG)

Career of Evil - Jay R. Galbraith

Ett paket med en kvinnas avhuggna ben levereras till Robin Ellacott. Hennes chef, privatdetektiven Cormoran Strike, inser att det finns fyra personer från hans förflutna som kan vara involverade – alla fullt kapabla till obeskrivlig brutalitet.

Cormoran Strike blir alltmer övertygad om att polisen i sin utredning fokuserar på fel person, och tar tillsammans med sin assistent Robin saken i egna händer. Jakten leder dem till de tre andra misstänkta männens mörka och skrämmande världar, men medan alltfler fasansfulla handlingar begås, håller tiden på att rinna ut.


Många såg nog fram emot den nya Harry Potter boken som släpptes i år. Personligen så har jag längtar mer efter att läsa denna bok. Nog för att jag gillar Harry Potter, men jag tycker att Rowling har lyckats gå vidare i livet med att skriva andra typer av böcker. Och då jag är en fan av kriminalromaner så är det kanske inte så överraskande att jag är väldigt nöjd med att hon har valt att skriva böcker om en privatdetektiv.

Nu kan jag inte säga att de är perfekta, jag har haft lite problem med handlingen i båda böckerna innan denna, även om fallen i båda bok 2 och denna har varit bättre än fallet i den första boken. Dock lider denna bok av samma problem som de förgående böcker. Handlingen kan bli lite långrandig. Om jag nu inte älskade karaktärerna så mycket så hade böckerna helt klart varit jobbigare att läsa. Men i och med att både Cormoran och Robin är fantastiskt karaktärer och jag är intresserad av deras personliga liv och deras problem så kan jag stå ut med att ibland känns det som om det tar en evighet för fallet att röra sig framåt. Jag tycker om att fallet var personligt i denna bok, att förövaren var ute efter Cormoran och använde sig av Robin att komma åt honom. Vem är det som är ute efter honom och varför? 

Slutet är både perfekt och oerhört frustrerande. Jag kan inget annat än säga än att jag nu verkligen vill ha fortsättningen på boken. Nu!

Tack till Wahlströms och Widstrand förlag för recensionsexemplaret!


When a mysterious package is delivered to Robin Ellacott, she is horrified to discover that it contains a woman's severed leg.

Her boss, private detective Cormoran Strike, is less surprised but no less alarmed. There are four people from his past who he thinks could be responsible - and Strike knows that any one of them is capable of sustained and unspeakable brutality.

With the police focusing on the one suspect Strike is increasingly sure is not the perpetrator, he and Robin take matters into their own hands, and delve into the dark and twisted worlds of the other three men. But as more horrendous acts occur, time is running out for the two of them...

A fiendishly clever mystery with unexpected twists around every corner, Career of Evil is also a gripping story of a man and a woman at a crossroads in their personal and professional lives. You will not be able to put this book down.


I bet many looked forward to the new Harry Potter book that was released this year. Personally, I craved this book more. Not that I like Harry Potter, but I think that Rowling has managed to move forward in life with writing other types of books. And then I'm a fan of crime novels, so it is perhaps not so surprising that I'm very pleased that she has chosen to write books about a private detective.

Now I have to say that the book is not perfect. I've had some problems with the plot of both books before this, even if the cases in book two and this book are better than the case in the first book. However, this book suffers from the same problems as the previous books. The plot can be a bit tedious. If I did not love the characters as much as I do would the books clearly have been harder to read. But, both Cormoran and Robin are fantastic characters and I'm interested in their personal live and problems so thanks to that can I take that the case seems to take forever sometimes to get anywhere. I like that that the case was personal in this book that the perpetrator was after Cormoran and used the Robin to get to him. Who is after him and why?

The ending is both perfect and extremely frustrating. I can't say anything else that I really want the continuation of the book. Now!

Thanks to Wahlströms och Widstrand förlag for the review copy!


Reading progress update: I've read 68%.

Shadowed Souls - Jim Butcher,  Kerrie L. Hughes

So far is this anthology pretty awsome. I liked Tanya Huff's short story that I immediately after finishing the story ordered the first book in the series. I had planned on taking a nap and continue reading, but my damn phone rang and now I'm tired and wasting time on the computer instead... 


Not that I have gone anywhere, but It seems that Booklikes is back in business! So, it seems that I dare to venture back (with my Dean gifs)!


How's it going people?  




No Man's Land by David Baldacci

No Man's Land (John Puller Series) - David Baldacci

Following THE ESCAPE and THE FORGOTTEN, #1 NYT bestselling author David Baldacci returns with his next thriller featuring military investigator John Puller.

#1 New York Times bestselling author David Baldacci returns with his next thriller featuring military investigator John Puller.

John Puller's mother disappeared nearly 30 years ago. Despite an intensive search and investigation, she was never seen again. But new allegations have come to light suggesting that Puller's father--now suffering from dementia and living in a VA hospital--may have murdered his wife. Puller is officially barred from working on the case--and faces a potential court martial if he disobeys the order--but he knows he can't sit this investigation out. When intelligence operative Veronica Knox turns up, Puller realizes that there is far more to this case than he had originally thought. Puller will stop at nothing to discover the truth about what happened to his mother...even if it means proving that his father is a killer.


Once again have I read the latest book in a series without having read the previous books. That's my special power. Well, it's probably just that I keep on discovering series when a couple of books have been released. I always see that as a good thing, when the book is really good because now I know that I have several books to read. And, No Man's Land was good, pretty awesome actually. I found myself really enjoying the story and its characters.

I always love when a story deals with old cases, and this with John Puller's missing mother was both intriguing and sad. She just walked out one day never to be seen again. What happened to her? Did she leave or was she murdered? Now, a woman is claiming that Puller's father could be the killer. But, Puller's father is suffering from dementia and living in a VA hospital. So Puller decided that he will find out the truth no matter what. 

I found No Man's Land to be very engrossing, I loved the characters, from Paul and Bobby Pullers to poor Paul Rogers. I was a bit worried when Veronica Knox showed up that the story would turn out to be a "will they or won't they" kind of book, but of course this is not a suspect romance novel and Knox and Pullar may have a thing, but business first.

No Man's Land is the fourth book in the John Pullar series, you can easily read this one without having read the previous book, although with the risk of getting hooked and needing to get the previous three books!

I want to thank the publisher for providing me with a free copy for an honest review!

Very Important Corpses by Simon R. Green

Ishmael Jones travels to the Scottish Highlands on a mysterious dual mission in this intriguing, genre-blending mystery.

The Organisation has despatched Ishmael and his partner Penny to Coronach House on the shores of Loch Ness where the secretive but highly influential Baphamet Group are holding their annual meeting. The Organisation believes an imposter has infiltrated the Group and they have instructed Ishmael to root him – or her – out. It’s not Ishmael’s only mission. The first agent sent by the Organisation has been found dead in her room, murdered in a horribly gruesome manner. Ishmael must also discover who killed his fellow agent, Jennifer Rifkin – and why.

Dismissive of rumours that the legendary ‘Coronach Creature’ is behind Jennifer’s death, Ishmael sets out to expose the human killer in their midst. But he must act fast – before any more Very Important People are killed.


I read Dead Man Walking, the previous book in this series, last summer and loved it. So image my happiness of getting the chance to read this book. Just like in the previous book must Ishmael and his partner Penny once again travel to an isolated house to investigate a mystery. But, this time it's to Coronach House on the shores of Loch Ness. A fellow agent has been murdered, and now Ishmael must find out who killed her before anyone else is murdered. But, that's easier said than done.

Very Important Corpses is a bit similar with the Dead Man Walking, not so much the case, but the old house far from civilization, with a dark history. And, as with Dead Man Walking mayhem will soon arise, and more people will end up dead. I found this book to be entertaining and engrossing, although, not as good as Dead Man Walking. But, still pretty awesome. I love both Ishmael and Penny, they are a very dynamic duo and it's quite fun reading about their antics as they try to investigate (and threaten and fight people) for answers, well mostly Ishmael.

The revealing of the big bad villain was perhaps not a big surprise, but I quite enjoy returning to Ishmael and Penny's world of mysteries, mayhem, and murders and I look forward to reading the next book (and the first one that I have yet gotten my hands on)!

I want to thank the publisher for providing me with a free copy through Netgalley for an honest review.

Döden den bitterbleka (The Bitter Pallor of Death) by Anne-Marie Schjetlein (SWE/ENG)


Du och jag Andreas, vi kommer få det så bra.  Hon tryckte kroppen mot honom, andades förföriskt i hans öra och viskade: Du kommer älska mig, bara mig.

Trots att Andreas inte sett skymten av Petra på ett år kan han inte slappna av. Sorgen efter hustruns självmord har blivit hanterbar. Livet har ljusnat lite, men Petras sista ord gnager. Hon mördade för att komma honom nära, ändå har han inte kontaktat polisen. Om du gör det kommer jag tillbaka. Men inte till dig. Utan till dina kära söner. Så Andreas tassar på tå, tvekar inför de relationer som lockar, osäker på vad som kan väcka Petras vrede.

Halmstad plågas av ett pedofilrykte. Som kirurg tvingas Andreas ta emot skadade pojkar på sjukhuset. Utnyttjade kroppar. Oron växer sig större, ockuperar hans kropp. En pedofil. Kan Petra verkligen ha någonting med det här att göra?

Döden den bitterbleka är en psykologisk spänningsroman i sjukhusmiljö. Med fingertoppskänsla för dramatik, relationer och vardagsrealism trollband Anne-Marie Schjetlein både läsare och kritiker med sin debut, Döden kvittar det lika. Döden den bitterbleka är den andra, fristående boken i serien om den kantstötta villaidyllen i Tylösand.

Döden den bitterbleka är en superb bok! Jag har inte läst den första boken i serien, men den ligger högt på min vill läsa lista nu. Boken var svår att sluta läsa och jag sträckläste i stor sett boken. Jag fann bokens handlingen fascinerande, hur vardagliga problem kantades av oron för en besatt kvinna skulle göra något hemskt samt en pedofil som härjade i staden. Och speciellt gillade jag hur Schjetlein fick karaktärerna att komma till liv. Jag gillade att läsa om karaktärernas vardags liv, deras dagliga problem som toppades av att en pedofil jagade barn. Att skriva om en pedofil som härjar kan inte ha varit lätt och jag måste erkänna att det var svårt att läsa de kapitel som var ut hans perspektiv. Nu är det tack och lov inte så detaljerat, men det räckte med att få en liten inblick i hans tankar för att jag skulle känna mig smutsig. Det enda som jag fann lite övertydligt var försöken att misstänkgöra en karaktär i boken för att vara pedofilen, det gjorde att jag kände att det kan knappas vara han, det måste vara en annan. Hade jag rätt? Tja läs boken!

Boken hänvisar till händelser i den första boken, saker som hände Andreas och varför Petra är på flykt. Men det var inga problem som helst att läsa denna bok utan att ha läst första boken, dock vill jag verkligen läsa första boken för att få hela bilden. Jag vill veta mer om vad som hände mellan Andreas och Petra. Men jag är också allt bra sugen på en uppföljare till denna bok. Den slutade mycket bra och nu är jag nyfiken på vad som kommer hända härnäst i Andreas liv.

Jag rekommenderar varmt denna bok till läsare som gillar vardags realism, men samtidigt vill ha lite spänning.
Tack till Bokfabriken för recensionsexemplaret!
You and I Andreas, we will have it so good together.  She pressed her body against him, breathed seductively in his ear and whispered: You will love me, just me.
Although it has been a year since Andreas last saw Petra can he not relax. The grief after his wife's suicide has become manageable. Life has brightened a bit, but Petra's last words gnaw. She murdered to get close to him, yet he has not contacted the police. If you do, I will return. But, not to you. I will come for your dear sons. So Andreas hesitates when it comes relationships that attract attention, unsure of what can bring Petra's wrath.
Halmstad is plagued by a pedophile rumor. As a surgeon, Andreas receives injured boys in the hospital. Used bodies. Concern grows larger and he is worried. A pedophile. Can Petra really have anything to do with it?
The Bitter Pallor of Death is a psychological thriller in the hospital environment. With a flair for drama, relationships, and everyday realism has Anne-Marie Schjetlein enthralled both readers and critics with her debut, The Death Settles it Equally. The Bitter Pallor of Death is the second, independent book in the series about the chipped villa idyll in Tylösand.
The Bitter Pallor of Death is a superb book! I have not yet read the first book in the series, but it is high on my to-read list now. I finished the book fast because I could hardly put it down. I found the plot fascinating, how Andreas everyday problems were marred by fears of that a crazed woman could do something horrible any time and the worry about the rumors that a pedophile is terrorizing the city. And I especially liked how Schjetlein got the characters to come to life. I enjoyed reading about the characters everyday lives, their daily problems, which was topped by a pedophile hunting children. Writing about a pedophile cannot have been easy and I have to admit that it was difficult to read the chapters that were out of his perspective. Now it is thankfully not that detailed, but it was enough details to get a little insight into his thought that made me feel dirty. The only thing I found a little blatant was trying to make a suspicious character in the book to be the pedophile, it made me feel that it can hardly be him, there must be a twist to it, someone else. Was I right? Well, read the book!
The book refers to events in the first book, things that happened to Andreas and why Petra is on the run. But, I had no problems whatsoever to read this book without having read the first book, but I really want to read the first book to get the whole picture. I want to know more about what happened between Andreas and Petra. But, I am also craving a sequel to this book. It ended very well and now I'm curious to know what will happen next in Andrea's life.
I heartily recommend this book to readers who like everyday realism but also want to be thrilled.
Thanks to Bokfabriken for the review copy!

Cover Crush: A Think Dark Line by Tami Hoag


Erin over at Flashlight Commentary is the one that came up with the cover crush idea and I loved it so much that I decided that every Thursday would I post a cover that I really love. 

Tami Hoag is an author that I've so far not read a book by, but I'm keen to do so. And, that's not because I love the covers of her books, they seem to be very interesting thrillers. However, I do love some of the covers very much. Like this one with a strong red color that makes you notice the book and the lonely boat, and the vague forms of the trees.
Terror stalks the streets of Bayou Breaux, Louisiana. A suspected murderer is free on a technicality, and the cop accused of planting evidence against him is ordered off the case. But Detective Nick Fourcade refuses to walk away. And he’s not the only one. Deputy Annie Broussard found the woman’s mutilated body. She wants justice. But pursuing the investigation will mean forming an alliance with a man she doesn’t trust and making enemies of the men she works with. It will also mean being drawn into the confidence of a killer.

Check out this week's cover crush over at 

Kaninjägaren (The Rabbit Hunter) by Lars Kepler (SWE/ENG)


Joona Linna har suttit två år på den slutna anstalten Kumla när han förs till ett hemligt möte. Polisen behöver hans hjälp för att stoppa den gåtfulle mördaren som går under namnet Kaninjägaren.

Den enda länken mellan offren är att de alla hör ett barn läsa upp en ramsa om kaniner innan mördaren kommer. Ödets tärningskast placerar överraskande tevekocken Rex Müller mitt i händelsernas centrum. För första gången ska han ta hand om sin son Sammy. Men istället för tre lugna veckor blir det en fruktansvärd kamp på liv och död. Joona Linna och Saga Bauer är tvungna att börja samarbeta i hemlighet för att stoppa Kaninjägaren innan det är försent.

Du vet aldrig vad ödet har i beredskap för dig, vad som kommer att hinna ifatt dig om du inte börjar springa nu.

Thrillermästaren Lars Kepler är tillbaka med en ny bladvändare om kriminalkommissarie Joona Linna.
Kaninjägaren är otroligt nog den första boken jag läser av Lars Kepler. Som vanligt är tidspress min ursäkt för att ha missat denna fantastiska serie. Men det ger mig fördelen att jag har 5 olästa böcker att ta mig an samt att jag kan skriva en recension utifrån en ny fans synvinkel.

Så hur var Kaninjägaren? För att vara den senaste boken i en en serie så var kändes det väldigt lätt att komma in i boken. I och med att själva handlingen var fristående med återkommande karaktärer så kunde även en ny läsare som jag enkelt kunna sätta mig in handlingen samt få grepp om huvudkaraktärerna Joona Linna och Saga Bauer. Handlingen var intressant rakt igenom och med korta cliffhanger liknade kapitel var boken svår att lägga ifrån sig. Motivet för morden sträckte sig tillbaka i tiden och det är en något jag alltid gillar, att få följa karaktärerna medan de luskar fram sanningen. Och i det här fallet så var detr en hemskt tragisk händelese som startade allting.

Allt som allt så var boken en riktigt fullträff, jag gillade både handlingen och karaktärerna och jag ser fram emot att läsa de föregående böckerna.
Tack till Albert Bonniers Förlag för recensionsexemplaret!

Joona Linna has spent two years in the closed Kumla prison when he is taken to a secret meeting. The police need his help to stop the enigmatic killer known as The Rabbit Hunter.
The only link between the victims is that they all hear the children recite a chant about rabbits before the killer comes. Television chef Rex Müller get for some reason pulled into the plot. For the first time ever is he taking care of his son Sammy. But instead of three quiet weeks will there be a terrible battle to the death. Joona Linna and Saga Bauer is forced to start working in secret to stop The Rabbit Hunter before it's too late.
You never know what fate has in store for you, what will catch up with you if you do not start running now.
Thriller Master Lars Kepler is back with a new page-turner about Inspector Joona Linna.
The Rabbit Hunter is, amazingly enough, the first book I have read by Lars Kepler. As usual, lack of time is my excuse for having missed this amazing series. But, it gives me the advantage that I have five unread books to take on, and I can write a review based on a new fans point of view.

So how was The Rabbit Hunter? It felt very easy to get into this book, despite it being the latest book in a series. Since the story itself was standalone with recurring characters made it easier for a new reader like me to get a grip on both the story and the main characters Joona Linna and Saga Bauer. The story was interesting throughout and with short cliffhanger chapters was the book hard to put down. The motive for the murders stretching back in time and it's something I always like, to follow the characters as they try to find out the truth. And in this case, it was all that terrible tragedy that started it all

All in all, the book was a real hit, I liked both the plot and the characters, and I look forward to reading the previous books.

Thanks to Albert Bonniers Förlag for the review copy!

The Jekyll Revelation by Robert Masello

The Jekyll Revelation - Robert Masello

While on routine patrol in the tinder-dry Topanga Canyon, environmental scientist Rafael Salazar expects to find animal poachers, not a dilapidated antique steamer trunk. Inside the peculiar case, he discovers a journal, written by the renowned Robert Louis Stevenson, which divulges ominous particulars about his creation of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. It also promises to reveal a terrible secret—the identity of Jack the Ripper.

Unfortunately, the journal—whose macabre tale unfolds in an alternating narrative with Rafe’s—isn’t the only relic in the trunk, and Rafe isn’t the only one to purloin a souvenir. A mysterious flask containing the last drops of the grisly potion that inspired Jekyll and Hyde and spawned London’s most infamous killer has gone missing. And it has definitely fallen into the wrong hands.

With parallel story lines set in present-day California and 1880's London, THE JEKYLL REVELATION alternates between Rafe and Stevenson in a fast-paced tour through history and contemporary California as both they both race to stop the terror that’s coming for them. 

Bestselling and award-winning author Robert Masello (whose known for the #1 Kindle bestseller The Einstein Prophecy, The Romanov Cross, and The Medusa Amulet among other works) has crafted a thriller that is equal parts adventure story and literary history and throughout the suspense, he reveals fascinating, little known details about Robert Louis Stevenson’s life and times.


The tantalizing cover and the intriguing blurb made me interested in the book. The identity of Jack the Ripper is a subject I find fascinating and I was curious how Robert Louis Stevenson would fit into this story. This book has two storylines and in the present storyline are we introduced to Rafael Salazar who is an environmental scientist. He discovers in an old truck a journal that turns out to be written by no other than Robert Louis Stevenson and the present storylines alternate with the journal entries.

I found the intro of this book promising with Robert Louis Stevenson trying to find if not a cure something that would make him better since he had been suffering from bad health since he was a child. And, it's now he meets a doctor that will change his entire life. In the present time, Rafael Salazar is studying coyotes in Topanga Canyon when he and his trainee Heidi stumbles on the trunk with the diary. But, the trunk also has a flask containing a portion that would be best to leave alone.

As much as I enjoyed the beginning of the book did it come a time after I read little over half the book when I found myself questioning whether I should continue reading or not. The story started to become a bit dull, and I found myself not enjoying either storyline. However, I did not give up and the story picked up. Well, at least the journal entries got better, I still did not find the present storylines that interesting with Rafe having trouble with his sister Lucy, the meth heads and his puppy love for Miranda. And, as I came to think of now when I'm writing the review, Heidi who was with him when he found the trunk and later on when they almost died in a car crash just disappeared from the story. And, that was just too bad because I liked her. I can't say that Rafe and Miranda interested me that much, but for the story to take the obvious direction was it necessary. And, here we have the big problem for me with this book. It was too often pretty obvious what would happen, no twist to the story that astonished me. Although the ending, the last entry in the journal both solved a question that I had back in my mind and was an interesting turn of event.

Still, I'm glad to have read the book. It may have had some weak moments in the middle of the book, but the story picked up and towards the end of the book even Rafe started to interest me a bit more than when he was having trouble with the meth heads and Miranda's boyfriend Laszlo. 
I want to thank 47North & Little Bird for providing me with a free copy through NetGalley!