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Immortal -  'J.R. Ward'

The creator has created a game, in which Jim, a champion from heaven, fights against Devina a demon from hell has over souls. There are 7 souls in the game and whoever gets 4 wins. And he/she just doesn’t get a t-shirt. The winner gets all the souls, living and dead and dominion over heaven and hell.


You see here, this is my biggest problem with the book, the story just don’t make sense to me. Perhaps it all the years studying theology that makes my go wtf over the story. Why on earth would the Creator (God) create a game like this? To be fair I haven’t read the previous five books, but this just doesn’t make sense to me. Was the Creator bored on day and thought “what the heck I will gamble the rights to every soul and also the dominion over heaven and hell just for fun”.


See even Crowley finds that weird!


Another problem is Sissy, one of the souls that Jim saves. First of all, I can’t stop thinking about Guy Maddins short video Sissy boy slap party every time I see her name. So I thought about the video a lot of times during the book. Never seen it? Watch it! Anyway Sissy and Jim are apparently in love and that means a lot of sex in the book…fine I can take sex scenes in books if it necessary to the plot and also good written. But in this book I just mentally sighed every time it was time for a sex scene, skimmed the text to get it over and move on to the story. Honestly I skimmed the last 100 pages quite a lot…



But if you are up for an erotic paranormal book series about demons and angels then this is a series for you.