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Revival - Stephen King

For a while I actually thought that this would be the first book I would give 5 stars to in ages. But in the end it just got 4 stars. Why? Because of the ending. I just didn't like it very much. It was very depressing and for some reason it felt like a let down. All I could think was: “Is that all, have I been reading all day for that kind of ending?” I would rather have have had a more ambiguous ending to the story. Instead of just...the bleak ending. I need to read something cheerful after this...


The rest of the book was great, I love Jamie and his family. I love watching him growing up, hell I would have loved reading a book about Jamie's life without Charles Jacobs. I know Jamie would have been a hell lot of happier without him in his life.


All and all a good book and so much better than Mr. Mercedes!