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The Blackhouse

The Blackhouse - Peter May

There is something alluring (at least for me) with crime novels placed on islands, especially those far up in the north, with bad weather and people that have know each other for generations. I mean it wouldn’t be the same if it would be set on a Caribbean paradise, for instance who would ever wanna leave in the first place, well if they are poor perhaps but anyway…


Fin Macleod (From the clan Macleod…sorry I’m a child of the 80’s and I love the Highlander) returns home to Isle of Lewis 18 years after he left the island to become a police. An old classmate has been murdered and the murders similarities with a previous murder in Edinburg. But this is not an easy case to take on for Fin, he most face people and events from his past and at the same time find a killer who could be one of the people he used to know.

Peter May has written a very intense and dark crime novel. As we follow Fin in present day trying to find a killer we also get flashbacks to the past, to the events in his childhood that led to Fin in the end leaving Isle of Lewis. This is one of the best crime novels I have read in a while, with a nerve-racking ending.


Highly recommended!


5 stars!