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Shadow and Bone

Shadow and Bone - Leigh Bardugo, Leigh Bardugo

There are probably endless with reviews explaining what this book is about and if you are a reader of YA you have probably heard about this one before. So I will just go straight ahead to what I think about this book.


Shadow and Bone is a great book...if I was 15-20 years younger (yes I am old, and picky) girl that for instance never had read any books by Robin Hobb. But now since I'm a old and since I have read Robin Hobb, well that means that YA books like this, never really get that interesting. Mainly because I think the book lacked any depth both to the characters and to the world. That doesn't mean that the book isn't any good. I liked it, liked it quite lot in the beginning, I even thought that it would get a 4 star rating the first 1/3 of the book...but then it just lost steam and suddenly it was down to a stable 3 star rating instead. Which isn't bad...but I was hoping for a greater story. I wanted to be blown away by it, to love the characters, to immerse myself in the world. But I did not.


But that is just me. In the end, none of the characters really stood out for me. None did I really like. I mean I love dark characters (professor Snape is my favorite character in Harry Potter and I adore Darh Vader) but the Darkling? Meh! Boring and honestly a bit of a boring name/title..


I will probably read the next book...if I can get it very cheap..


3 stars