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Nunslinger Book 3: A Pilgrim and a Stranger

Nunslinger Book 3: A Pilgrim and a Stranger - Stark Holborn

In this book we find sister Thomas Josephine and Abe fleeing over Sierra Nevada for the safety of Sacramento, California. Will they finally find a safe place or are they just prolonging the inevitable capturing? And when will they finally give in to to their passion (well the last part is more my thinking then the book, but come on alone with a rugged man in the wilderness even a nun must feel a bit tempted)...



I must say that sister Thomas Josephine has a talent for finding trouble, one would think that staying away from trouble would be a good idea, especially since she is wanted for murder. But noooo...at least she has Abe by her side saving her ass!


I thought I would finish book 3 in this series before this year was over. Will continue reading this book series next year...;)