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The Great Zoo of China

The Great Zoo of China - Matthew Reilly

I love adventure books and movies. I have no problem with over the top storylines and I can even take some flat characters. But even I have a limit and this book, well its story went over that limit. That doesn't mean I didn't enjoy it, partly, the beginning was fast paced and everything and CJ the main character was OK. I liked the fact that she had scars in her face because perfect good looking characters is irritating to read about. Her brother Hamish was also OK. But you could fairly easy figure out who would live to see the end of this story and who would not; there was no surprise death, there were no feelings of "oh no they killed of him/her and now I'm sad". Matthew Reilly really tried his best to write the deaths quite gruesome, but since no character that died really was someone that one cared about was it just "another bloody death". I mean I found the death of getting your lungs sucked out of you by a bomb more awful that being bitten to death by a dragon.

Two things really bothered me, the nice dragon and the fact that there was a child in the story. I knew that the nice dragon would come in handy later on the story (it was) and that the child would need to be rescued (yes that happened). So the bloody storyline was so frustrating predictable that the story lost all excitements.

Still I liked the beginning. I would read more books by Matthew Reilly. But I was disappointed by this one for I was really looking forward to reading The Great Zoo of China.

2 stars

Thank you Netgalley for providing me with a free copy for an honest review!