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In Search of Lost Dragons

In Search of Lost Dragons HC - Elian Black'Mor, Carine-M, Jezequel

A fearless reporter travelers through Europe, Middle East and ends up in Saigon in search of dragons.

I can honestly say that this is a book that I would love to own, just to pick up and browse through when I feel like it. Just pick a side and read the text and admire the image on the side. The problem I had with the e-book is that the text was hard to read (the kind of font that is lovely but a pain in the ass to read) and that I had some problem following the story because of the journal form. The story felt a bit confusing to read that I mostly focused on the images instead. I feel that this is a book that you should read as hardcover not as e-book.

The images of the dragons are marvelous. I could actually have been satisfied with just the art and not have any text. But I'm tempted to buy this book so that I can read it slowly and really admire the images in a way I just can't do on the computer/ipad.

4 stars

Thank you Netgalley for providing me with a free copy for an honest review!