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Angel: Smile Time

Angel: Smile Time - Brian Lynch, Jeff Mariotte, Franco Urru

Angel: Smile Time is a graphic novel with three stories.


The first one is a graphic version of the episode Smile Time. Wonderful to read. Poor Angel is turned into a puppet and must fight evil demonic puppets. 


Spike needs a new car and finds out that Angel is puppet...


Angel reveals to Nina that he is puppet...



The second story is a short little interlude about Angel (still a puppet) out on a date with Nina. A sweet story, but of course not everything goes as plan...


It's hard to be little...


The third story is Spike: Smile Time. Spike travel to Japan and get turned into a puppet. Already read this one the other day so I skipped it. But it's a great one!


 Spike still knows how to fight despite being a puppet...


A great Angel graphic novel collection! Funny, sweet and lots of action!


 4.5 stars