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The Dream Lover

The Dream Lover: A Novel of George Sand - Elizabeth Berg

In The Dream Lover we meet Aurore Dupin, or as she is better known George Sand. The book starts with her leaving her husband and her children for a life in Paris, but it will take a while before we will know what led her to the decision. The story in the book will take two roads. We will get to know her from her childhood parallel with her life in Paris as she seriously starts to write. The two parallel stories will towards the end merge into one.

It was a fascinating book. I didn't know that much about George Sands life before I read this book. I have seen Impromptu with Judy Davis and Hugh Grant some years ago, but I didn't know more than she had some famous lovers and liked to dress in mens clothing. So, I was quite intrigued about what a fascinating life she lived. I had some problems with the parallel storytelling, but mostly because I was pulled out of the story every time the story shifted from the past to the "present" and vice versa. Other than that it was a really good book, both well written and really interesting.

It kind of sometimes felt that most of her life Aurore/George was trying to find the "one love", she kept on going from relationship to relationship, but it wasn't until towards the end of her life that she finally found the peace she had searched after throughout her life. I think Franz Liszt was the one in the book that really hit the nail on the head when it came to George and her relationships: I fear that in your romantic relationship, you tend towards the self-destructive. You choose men because they need you, not because you love them. You begin in passion but move quickly to maternal feelings."

I enjoyed the book very much and I recommend it warmly!


I received this copy from the publisher through Netgalley in return for an honest review!