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Hunted Love by Jessica Frances

Haunted Love - Jessica Frances

What if you met the man you are suppose to spend your life with…after you're dead?


Thea Bell is murdered and is given a choice of staying in the afterlife or return for a time. She returns as a ghost to comfort her brother Flynn, but finds that it's Detective Aiden Mercer that is the one that she is attached to and that can see her, not her brother Flynn. As Aiden works on her case to find the killer they slowly start to fall for each other, but how can there be a future together, when one of them are dead?

This is actually the second book I have read this week about a ghostly romance.  I have not read a single one before this year. I actually can't remember that if I have read about ghostly romantic book before. The Ghost of Canterville isn't really that romantic and it's the only book I can thing off the top of my head. Then again I had completely forgotten that I should have read this one a couple of days ago. So it's probably just a coincidence.

Anyway, ghostly romance books are an interesting subject, there are some problems with a relationship when one is dead and the other one is the cop trying to find the killers. Thea is attached to Aiden, so she can touch thing around him (also touch him which later on becomes very handy when their relationship becomes more…intimate). It's a murder case and Aiden is working trying to find Theas killer and at first he is a bit freaked out that he can see Tea, but they soon work things out. There are things that I find a bit odd, she gets short and gets new clothes. I mean she is dead? How can a ghost get a bullet hole in its clothes and get new clothes? Shouldn't a ghost be bulletproofed?

I found myself enjoying this book, it was tragic and romantic. I could have lived without the sex scenes, but they weren't that many so that wasn't a big deal. I must admit that the whole concept with love with a ghost really is tragic in itself. I mean it can't end happily ever after, not in this life anyway (I have seen the movie Ghost so I know). But still, it is an interesting new thing to read about.


I received this copy from Xpresso Book Tours in return for an honest review!