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Cold Granite by Stuart Macbride

Cold Granite - Stuart MacBride


The first book in the Logan McRae series.

Logan McRae is back after being on sick leave for over a year after nearly dying after an attack. The first day could have started better when the news that a little boy that has been missing have been found dead in a ditch. And, soon everything it will just get worse when another child goes missing. 

I read book nine in the series recently and I liked it so I decided to read the series from the beginning. It was a very grim book, I have previously stated that I don't like reading books that deal with children getting harmed. So even though the book was well written and it was nice to read about McRae and Steel and read about DI Insch for the first time was it also a tough book to read. Since the book I read previously in this series also was about dead children do I hope this isn't a returning subject for Stuart MacBride.

I liked getting to know Logan from the beginning. Though I felt that it was a lot of background history that one just get pieces from; the case that almost killed him, his sick leave, his past relationship with Isobel. But it made his return to work also a bit more interesting since even though he is fully recovered physically he still has the memories of being attacked and he was after all clinically dead on the operating table for five minutes. He is Lazarus returned to work!

I'm looking forward to reading the next book soon (I have it so at least I don't have to wait). I hope Logan and Jackie Watson will still be working together (liked her, she's a tough chick) and I especially hope that Steele will have a bigger role to play in the next book!