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Love Strung by Jamie W. Matlock

Love Strung (The Love Series Book 2) - Jamie W. Matlock

Right I never wrote a review for this one after I read it, well lets see...

Kennedy Masters has to hide away on a ranch because the press happened to take some discriminating pics of her and country star Mick Callahan. I never really understood why she had to hide away on the ranch, apparently he is a stallion and every woman that takes a look at him falls for him so it shouldn't be the first one that he has been photographed with because apparently he is a ladies' man. But anyway, the problem is that she isn't that interested in Mick instead she falls for his brother Griff. But then Mick decides that it would be a good idea to propose to Kennedy and suddenly she is having problems with the brothers; one that she wants and the other who just want to add her to his list of conquests.


This is really "not my cup of tea (or more coffee)" kind of book. I was too annoyed with the characters and with the story to enjoy it. It was instalove and love triangle and everything I can't stand when it comes to romance. For my life I couldn't understand why she had to hide away. I reread part of the beginning if I remember correctly just to see why. But the tour buss just left her on the ranch because she couldn't be seen with Mick after the pics. But it wasn't like they were married or anything. It was just so frustrating to read.


This book just didn't work for me. 


I received this copy from Xpresso Book Tours in return for an honest review!