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Star Trek/Planet of the Apes: The Primate Directive by Scott Tipton

Star Trek/Planet of the Apes: The Primate Directive - Rachael Stott, David Tipton, Scott Tipton

The Enterprise follows a Klingon ship to a parallel world where they find “Earth” overtaken by apes. Now they must stop the Klingon's from starting civil war on the planet.

Have you always wanted to know what would have happened if Kirk and the rest of the crew happened to find themselves on the "Earth" from the Planet of the Apes? Well I haven't, but it was an interesting reading experience and this mixing different science fiction shows/movies together is a fun idea. What's next Star trek meets Alien, Predators, or E.T? The list can go on…

I have seen Planets of the Ape (well I have seen both the original and the new one, but I will referee to the original since the new one is…bad and it's the old one that is connected to this Star Trek graphic novel) and remember enough to keep up with the plot and it was quite fun seeing Kirk, Spock and the rest meet Charlton Heston, Eh I mean George Taylor. They need to stop the Klingons without interfering to much with the inhabitants of the planet, but of course Taylor is pissed off and want to start a war with the apes for the human race sake and they also have to deal with him as well as the Klingon's.

It was a good graphic novel, the art was OK, not breathtaking beautiful, but you could see who was who and that's nice. But I never really found myself really, really enjoying the story. It took me days to finish it and usually I devour a Star Trek graphic novel like it is a bag of candy. But this one, I started it and then it took me some days to return to it. In the end I just had to sit down and just read it, more like commanding myself than thinking how enjoyable it would be. Then again, I have been in a bit of reading slump the last couple of days so that could be part of it.


But I liked the graphic novel enough that I would want to know what happens next because the ending was a bit open and even though I started out a bit doubtful about it I did start to enjoy the story more when Kirk and the rest had to figure out of to help the apes without too much interference.


I received this copy from the publisher through NetGalley in return for an honest review! Thank you!