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Headache, birthday celebration and longing for Friday...

Hardly anything read today. Woke up with a headache that have been with me during most of the whole day so no not much music with my new headphones. I have a sneaky suspicion that my cold is back or a new one has arrived. So I'm not that happy that I have one more day to work. We are understaffed so being home sick is out of the question...


But at least, it's Friday tomorrow! :)




On the plus side, it's my mother's birthday today so we have celebrated it very low key since we have a road trip booked for Saturday with my brother and one of his kids. Have her a nice new blanket, and of course now it's really hot since the summer is back with a vengeance...lol


So, will try to read some now. Having lots of interesting books, but not much energy, that sucks big time.