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Ruth's First Christmas Tree by Elly Griffiths

Ruth's First Christmas Tree - Elly Griffiths

I read this one yesterday because I was so tired and I just couldn't muster up energy enough to read any books. So a short story felt very nice. Btw, I got this one for free a couple of days ago and it's probably still free.

I have read every book that have been published in the Ruth Galloway series (quick check on GR, yes now I have with this little one) and I like the series. Ruth Galloway is an archaeologist and since I wanted to be one when I grew up am I always happy to stumble over one in a book. Also, it's crime since Ruth seems to be a magnet for trouble.  So archaeology + crime = happy Magdalena.

Anyway since this is a short story isn't it much to the story, but it was nice to read. A bit weird to read about Christmas in the middle of summer. This is a story about finding the right Christmas tree and a missing tree peg that seems to be linked to a dying old Curator.


I recommed this for those that read the series.