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My rating system

Well since everyone seems to try to explain how they rate books will I also give it a go


½ star  - WTF? DNF all the way this sucker! 


1 star  - The book sucked! But I may actually finish it...or perhaps dnf it, depends on how I feel about it...


1.5 stars - I saw a glimpt of something good in this book, but not enough to make me like it.


2 stars  - This book had some good stuff in it, but mostly it was just bad or not my kind of book.


2.5 stars - Almost good, this book could have been better. I liked part of it, but in the end it was just not good enough for a higher rating.


3 stars  - This book has more good parts than bad part. I liked it for the most parts. It's a solid book.


3.5 stars - I see potentials for this book. But even though I liked it, it's just not worth a higher rating. But it still not just a 3 star book. A compromise between 3 and 4 stars.


4 stars - I liked it, it wasn't perfect, but I damn well liked it very much!


4.5 stars - Is it a 4 or a 5? God damn it I'm conflicted, I rate it 4.5. I loved it, but I'm not sure enough if I loved it enough for the highest rating! May change rating later on...


5 stars - Is the author single? I can switch team also for the chance of reading the next book first. No I'm not desperate...I just need more...