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Dead Rapunzel by Victoria Houston

Dead Rapunzel - Victoria Houston

I have a heck of a lot of ARC's on my iPad so I thought I would try to bring the number down a bit by random pick a book. If it is any good will I read it, but if it's bad and/or I can't seem to get into the story, will I DNF since life is way to short and I have too many books to read to waste on crappy books.

A woman is pushed before a truck and the local police must find out who killed her. Since she is a rich widow with stepchildren are there enemies close to her, but who is cold-blooded enough to snuff out her life?

This one started out good and then along the way the story became pretty obvious and the revealing of the murderer was really no big surprise. On the plus side, I liked the characters and the little down and that made it easier to read. But on the other side, have you ever seen a Midsomer Murder episode? This one felt like an episode of the series, although with an American setting.

It was a fast read, not a perfect book, but it entertained me somewhat.


Discovered now that this is book 15 in a series. I knew it was a series, but had no clue that it was to be that many books before this one. Oh well, it was easy to get into the book, despite that! 


I received this copy from the publisher through Edelweiss in return for an honest review! Thank you!