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Heart in a Box by Kelly Thompson

Heart in a Box - Kelly  Thompson, Meredith McClaren

The Man with No Name breaks Emma's heart and she gets a chance to get rid of her heart to feel no more pain. But she soon realize that a life without a heart she has no life...


This graphic novel was a big surprise for me. I hoped it would be enjoyable to read. The art was a bit meh for me in the beginning, then it grew on me and in the end I came to love it. The same goes for the story. I was a bit confused when it came to the heart of the cat; I was afraid Brock had been run over or something. Then, I went back and read the pages again and I think my heart brook a bit when I realized what the cat had done. Without doubt the best part of the Heart in a Box. But that can be because I love cats.

This is a wonderful graphic novel. I loved the humor, the sadness and how wonderfully lovely the story could be sometimes. The ending was truly great. Read it!


I received this copy from the publisher through Edelweiss in return for an honest review! Thank you!