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The Mirror by Marlys Millhiser

The Mirror - Marlys Millhiser

I want you to think about the next time you see your grandmother how it would be if you would wake up in her body when she was young and then have to marry your own grandfather and give birth to your mother. That's sounds quite insane I know, but that is what happened to Shay Garrett in this book. She wakes up in the year 1900, in her grandmother Brandy McCabe's body.

This book cured me of any romantic notion about time-travel. I don't know what's worse going back in time having to live your grandmother's life or going forward and living your granddaughter's. Either you know too much that is going to happen or you are totally lost in the future. And, poor Shay's mother and Brandy's daughter Rachael that is the one that has to live with a mother that is her daughter and a daughter that's her mother.

It's a really good book, not perfect, I found the parts in the book about Shay in the past and Rachael growing up the best. But the ending with Brandy in Shay's body was just not as good. I mean I felt for her, but personally I found it was far more interesting to read about someone getting used to life in the past than life in the future.

But it sure was an interesting book to read and I recommend this one to anyone that likes time-travel books!

I received this copy from Open Road Media through NetGalley in return for an honest review! Thank you!