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The Good Neighbor by AJ Banner

The Good Neighbor - A. J. Banner

Sarah and her husband Johnny have a perfect life together. They live on an idyllic street with nice neighbors and now they are trying to have a child. But everything changes one night when Johnny is away. The house beside theirs burns down and Sarah is injured and their house is also damaged. Sarah and Johnny have to move away to a new house and slowly try to move on, but Sarah feels that something is wrong. Johnny is acting strangely after the fire. Soon she doesn't know what to believe, is their marriage at risk, or is she being paranoid?

This is a past-paced book with short chapters. Which meant when I started to read it last night was it hard to stop because I really wanted to know the truth about the fire, about Sarah's marriage. If she was being paranoid or not. So I read half the book even though I was only going to read a little.


It's not a perfect book. I feel the ending was a bit too open for my taste. But still a good ending, I wasn't disappointed over it. I just felt that, unless there will be a sequel was it left way too open.

But in the end did I find The Good Neighbour to be a good mystery book. I enjoyed reading it and I especially liked that it was a fast-paced that was something I needed after having read some heavier books lately.


Thanks to Lake Union Publishing and NetGalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!