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Montmartre Mysteries by Jean-Pierre Alaux and Noël Balen

Montmartre Mysteries (Winemaker Detective) - Jean-Pierre Alaux, Noël Balen, Sally Pane

Arthur Solacroup, a wine shop over and friend of Benjamin Cooker is attacked in his shop. Has the attack something to do with Solacroups past in the Foreign Legion or something to do with a jealous husband/boyfriend? And, will Virgile be able to stay away from Solacroup sexy girlfriend?


Montmartre Mysteries is one of the best books in this series, sure it was a quick read like it always is since the books aren't thick, but this time I really felt that the story was quite good and less predictable. Sometimes I think it's too easy to figure out who's the bad guy/girl in the series since it's often not that many suspects to choose from. This time, I actually had no clue who was behind the attack until the end when it was revealed. 


The book did remind me of Deadly Tasting. I vill not reveal precisely why since I don't want to spoil both books. But the motive and what happened to the attacker in this book made me think about Deadly Tasting. Which isn't a big surprise since I read Deadly Tasting (reading out of order) just before I read this book. 


Btw, I always want to see Amelie from Montmartre when I see Montmartre mentioned...