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Mrs. Roosevelt's Confidante by Susan Elia MacNeal

Mrs. Roosevelt's Confidante: A Maggie Hope Mystery - Susan Elia MacNeal

When Winston Churchill travelers to Washington D.C to negotiate with President Roosevelt the United States entry into World War II. Special agent Maggie Hope is by his side posing as his typist. But Maggie is soon drawn into the action as she together with the Eleanor Roosevelt discovers the body of an aide to the First Lady. It seems that someone is trying to implicate the First Lady and now Maggie must try to find out who is behind the killing.


I read the first book in this series not so long ago and it was a good start of the series. I came to like Maggie Hope and her struggle to find her place as an American woman in Britain during the war. Well she was born in Britain, but she grew up in America so her roots may be British, but in Britain she is American. And now she is back home and she is thrilled to be back even though it's a devastating action that has brought them to America. The attack on Pearl Harbor has just occurred and now it seems that America will finally also join the war. Also, a young black man is accused of killing a white man and is sentenced to death and Eleanor Roosevelt is trying to persuade her husband to interfere in it, to persuade the governor to stop it. I found this part of the story both sad and horrifying as always when a man is not tried fairly by a jury. But this is the 40s America.


Reading this book made me think of something I read or heard somewhere that on the day that Pearl Harbor was attacked Winston Churchill wrote in his diary “we have won”! Because now he knew that America would join the war. Anyway, I was thrilled to be approved for this book since I a) like this series and I'm planning on reading the two between this one and the first and b) I like FDR very much.


Susan Elia MacNeal has done a tremendous good work in writing a novel about the meeting between Roosevelt and Churchill. Also, I came to like Eleanor Roosevelt quite much in this book. There was a moment in the book, a very intense moment when I really was drawn into the story and I wasn't quite sure, but hopeful that it would end well and that was when Maggie traveled to the prison to the execution. This really made me think of “The Green Mile”. The electric chair is truly an awful invention. How it all ended? Well, you have to read it yourself!


Thanks to Random House and NetGalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!