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Nu ser du mig (Now You See Me) by S.J. Bolton

Nu ser du mig  - S.J. Bolton

I think my expectations for this book was way too high. I mean I liked the book, it was well-written, had interesting characters and the story was good with some nice twists. But I just never really got "into" the story, sure the Jack the Ripper copycat story was good and I liked that Lacey Flint had some really dark secrets that she really needed to keep away from the Met. I also liked Detective Inspector Dana Tulloch and Mark Joesbury. I especially liked the love-hate relationship between Lacey and Mark. I just wish the story had been more intense. I never had the "OMG what is going to happen next feeling" while I read the book. Not even at the end.


But the ending as good despite the lack of real intensity. I liked the revelations and I want to know more about Lacey Flint so when I have time will I definitely read the next book.