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If Tomorrow Comes by Sidney Sheldon

If Tomorrow Comes - Sidney Sheldon

Read this book in Swedish, but I'm just to lazy to add the Swedish edition to BL and frankly I'm not that fond of the Swedish covers of the Sidney Sheldon's books so this cover feels just fine.


I've seen the miniseries If Tomorrow Comes several times and I have read this book many years ago. But I wanted to read this book again since I've planned to read the sequel by Tilly Bagshawe. It's just been a couple of months since I saw the miniseries last, so my memory is quite fresh when it comes to the story. I must confess that I do prefer the miniseries, but I still love this book and they have made a very good job with the miniseries because most of the story is there from the book. Of course, there are some differences. Like for instance, Tracy meeting Jeff in the beginning of the miniseries instead on the train in the book. I much prefer how they first met in the miniseries, it feels more like fate than the one in the book. There are things like that in the book, like more heists, more dialog, and a different ending. But it works, the book is terrific and Sheldon really knew how to write an engaging story about a woman who after being framed fights back against those that framed her and then became a brilliant thief. It's just great fun to read this book, well the prison part is not so fun. 


In Swedish, the title is Tracy's Hämnd, Tracy's revenge, but I kind of prefer the English title since there is a point towards the end when the title get's its explanation. And, that is such a wonderful moment. 


A wonderful book made into a great miniseries with a very sexy young Tom Berenger!