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The End of All Things by Lissa Bryan

The End of All Things - Lissa Bryan

I read Shadows Have Gone, book three in this series at the beginning of this year and I found the book very good. But it has taken me ages to get to reading the first book in this series. But now as I'm going through my NetGalley books have I finally gotten to this one.


Carly Daniels has survived a terrible virus that has devastated the planet and she hides in her apartment in Juneau, Alaska with her puppy Sam. One day she sees a man outside her apartment and at first she is wary, but slowly the man persuades her out of her hiding place and she learns that the man's name is Justin and he is an ex-soldier. Together they decide to travel to Florida where it is warmer and where they will have a better chance to survive. 


What I like with this series is that there are no zombies or any other kind of monsters, if it is a "monster" is it people that still have the flue or ordinary people that have turned ruthless to survive. Carly and Justin have a rocky start, but they she slowly learns to trust him and realize that he is right, that they must leave Juneau if they are going to survive. I found that part and then ending the best in the book, Unfortunately, I started to get a bit annoyed somewhere along the way. Annoyed that Carly was so incompetent and Justin was so well trained in surviving. Could be the scout in me that just found her unbearable ignorant sometimes. Either way it seems that she has lived a very sheltered life and hardly set foot outside a town. One moment that really mad eme annoyed were when Justin ripped a wedding dress to pieces to use as bandage for future needs and she got upset because he was ripping apart someone's dream.  I mean, come on, they are on the way to Florida, she doesn't know the women whose dress it is and they are trying to survive. 


And, then we have the romance part. I can understand the need for human contact, for warmth and for the basic need like sex. But suddenly it's a love story. It's a Hallmark movie. After that part, the story just felt meh! Fortunately, the ending was tragically good. yeah. Except for one thing that I didn't like, someone that I liked very much died.


Thanks to The Writer's Coffee Shop Publishing House and Netgalley for providing me with a free copy for an honest review!