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Little Black Lies (Små svarta lögner) by Sharon Bolton

 Små svarta lögner - S.J. Bolton

What would you do if your children are dead because of your best friends neglect? Would you think about killing her?

Catrin and Rachel have been best friends since they were children but after Catrin's children died when Rachel was babysitting have their friendship abruptly ended. Now they both are suffering, Catrin by grief and Rachel by guilt. Then a child goes missing and that is not the first child missing on the Falklands since Catrin's children died...and then Rachel youngest child is taken and everyone thinks Catrin is behind that.

I had a hard time getting into the book. The story is very, very dark. The book is divided into three part, first Catrin, then Callum (Catrin's ex-lover) and finally Rachel. They all tell their story during the days that the child is missing. Catrin is consumed with the thought of killing Rachel, and I was a bit uncertain if I really would be able to finish the book while I read her part of the book. It was just so dark and there is a part in the book that involves stranded whales that really bothered me. I actually closed the book at that part and decided to read something else.

But then when I picked up the book again some day later and thought that I read some more to see if the story gets, well more "enjoyable", and the story started to get better when Callum took over the reins and you get some more backstory to everything. But it's the ending, Rachel's part that truly makes the book a 4-star book and not a 3-star book. The last 100 pages are packed with twists. You think that you have everything figured out and then something is revealed and you realize that nope you hadn't. And there is some ray of light towards the end that made me happy and when you think that everything is going to be fine BAM a new twist that I never ever saw coming!