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In the Dark Places by Peter Robinson

In the Dark Places: An Inspector Banks Novel (Inspector Banks Novels) - Peter Robinson

It all starts with a missing tractor. That doesn't seem to be the most exciting case to have to solve, but when blood in a hangar and two missing men seem to be connected to the theft must DCI Banks and his team find out who is behind it all.

This is my very first DCI Banks book and I have to admit that I'm surprised that it wasn't better. I was curious about this book series and I usually have no problems reading the latest book in the series, but in this case, I just couldn't get into the story or nor did I find the characters very interesting.

The book started off OK, but the last half of the book felt extremely tedious. The cops tried to find answers theft and where the two missing men are. And, it just dragged on and dragged on. Not even when a butchered body was found did the story get interesting. DCI Banks was away in the beginning of the book, with his girlfriend in Italy. And, frankly he wasn't that memorable when he showed up. He could have been away the whole book and I wouldn't have missed him.

I'm really surprised that this book didn't appeal to me. I usually like crime novels. It's the one genre that I rarely am disappointed with. But this one, I was bored. The story was bored the characters were boring. Not evening the ending was very interesting.

The first 40% of the book was the best. I lost interest after that. I mean I had 6% left of the book and it was not exciting to read instead I had to force myself to finish the book.

A kind 2-star rating. It started off OK and I would like to read another book in the series since I haven't ruled out the series completely yet.


I want to thank the publisher and Edelweiss for providing me with a free copy for an honest review!