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Phantom Evil by Heather Graham

Phantom Evil - Heather Graham

What I was after was a lighthearted fun paranormal book, an easy book to read when you are in need of something frivolous after some heavy dark books. What I got was a book that lacked any depth whatsoever. Characters that are not memorable, two main characters that at first doesn't seem to really go along, but end up in bed after a day or two. And, then they have some more sex during the book just because why the hell not. I mean they are working, trying to figure out if a woman was murdered or not, but nevermind that.



I'm so completely sick and tired of books that make the main characters sleep with each other almost right after they meet. Of course, they must have a pretend we are a couple moment before that's not so pretending. 



In short, this is a stupid book. It lacks charm and it lacks an interesting story. It's also painfully slow to get through, and I read it is Swedish and I was skimming a hell of a lot of it and still I suffered.  



I have read a book in this series before and that one was better than this one and since then have I been curious about reading more. Now I don't have to be curious anymore. I'm also pleased that the book didn't cost me a dime.


Will I read more? I do own an eBook in this series, but I will not read it anytime soon!