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The Shiro Project by David S. Khara

The Shiro Project - Sophie Weiner, David S. Khara

I manage to miss this book and go straight to book 3; The Morgenstern Project in the Consortium series. But I have now corrected that. And, while the book was, for the most part, OK did I miss Jeremy Corbin and Jacqueline Walls from book 1 and 3. I just love the banter between Jeremy and Eyton. 


I did enjoy reading about Eytan Morgenstern and Elena working together, despite their previous bad history. And, it was nice to learn how Eli and Eyton first met (a very sweet flashback) and how Elena came to be the person she is today. 


I think reading the books in chronological order is probably best, there are connection and past events that makes much more sense if you have read the previous books. I just wish I had read this book before The Morgenstern Project because for instance the ending really makes sense of the beginning of The Morgenstern Project. 


I want to thank the publisher and NetGalley for providing me with a free copy for an honest review!