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Bout of Books recap day 6!

You know, yesterday I had hours free to read. What did I do? I spent them at the computer, adding reviews to Edelweiss. The fun thing with Edelweiss is that you can add reviews to books you haven't downloaded. And, apparently, perhaps, this raises the chances to get approved more. And, I really, really what to read The Killing of Mary Russel by Laurie R. King.


So, I thought that I should add some review to the Laurie R. Kings books to shows that I do read the series. Let me tell you writing a review for older books is a bitch. I have read the book, I know if I liked the book or not. But my mind is blank. So I have to re-read the series, which btw sounds like a quite nice idea.  



  Not a damn thing!   


Started Reading


      The Rivals of Versailles: A Novel (The Mistresses of Versailles Trilogy) - Sally Christie   



Read 30% of The Rivals of Versailles so that I've read 50% altogether. Couldn't sleep so I read 20% more in the middle of the night.