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I wish I had started to write reviews earlier. I thought I would write some reviews I missed to write for books back in 2014, but I can't (well I could for Horns since I knew I was disappointed), I can hardly do that for books I missed in 2015. Bad memory...lol


Also, sorry for the onslaught of Mary Russell reviews, I've read the books so many times over and over again that I, though, at least, I can write something about them. I usually don't add reviews for books I read a while ago to my blog just GR, but there is always an exception to the rules. Although I probably need to reread the later ones, before I write about them, since I've only read them 1-2 times and my memory is as I wrote earlier, not that good anymore...


Actually, I'm thinking of rereading the whole series this year. It's been a while since I read them and I kind of miss re-reading old favorites...