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To DNF or not?

I've been thinking today about DNF's. Most people that are writing or reading reviews probably knows it, but DNF means Did Not Finish. Before I started to write book reviews (for real) in 2014 was the idea of not finishing a book, not a big deal. Then, I discovered Goodreads, I started my own blog over at Booklikes and I joined sites like NetGalley and Edelweiss. And, I started to receive ARC's (Advance Reading Copy) and that's when DNF's started to play a big part in my life for suddenly I was given books and I was expected to write reviews and as much as I did and still enjoy that, sometimes a book is not that good or just not to my taste. So what to do?

Well, sometimes I forced myself through a book and even 200-300 pages long book can feel pretty long when you dislike it and I often noticed that my mood turned sour when I was reading something that displeased me. It even made me get sick and tired of reading altogether. So now and then I started to DNF a book. I felt a bit guilty about writing to the publisher and informing them that the book didn't work, and I do still feel a bit guilty. I have been given this ecopy and sometimes send home a book for free and I failed to like it. What's wrong with me?

But last year in December was I going through my book at NetGalley, trying to get my ratio up and wonder what on earth possessed me to request some books. And, I realized that I can't keep forcing myself through books, I needed to set a limit. I will read 20% of the book and if it's not working for me will I DNF it and it has pretty much made my life better.

Yesterday I read a book and I DNF't it at 50%. Why? Because I knew that it would not work for me. I felt that every page just made me more and frustrated with the story, I disliked the main character to a point that I even raged about her when I talked to my mother and made her dislike the person too. So, I quite and then I wrote to the publisher and explained that the book didn't work for me. I think it's actually better to stop early, write perhaps a short "review" about why the book didn't work for you rather than forcing your way through the book and writing a review about how much you dislike the book. In the end, this is a hobby, and no hobby should make you feel bad...

  • How do you feel about DNF? 
  • Do you always finish a book?
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