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What She Never Told Me by Kate McQuaile

What She Never Told Me - Kate McQuaile

Louise Redmond is returning home to watch over her mother, Marjorie, who is dying of cancer. She has always wondered about her the identity of her father, but all her mother told her when she was young was his name; David Prescott and that she didn't know where he is and that he never knew about Louse. But, is this really true? But, Marjorie dies and Louise is left to try to find out the truth by herself. Will she find her father and what about the memory she has of a girl trying to post a letter? She decided to try to locate David Prescott, but that's easier said than done and what if David Prescott is not her father, what is she to do then?


I'm writing this review just after finishing the book and part of me is still trying to get to grip with the ending. I love reading books about someone trying to find out the truth about themselves. And, this one turned out to be a gem. I started this book last night and I thought I would read about 150 pages (I usually set reading goals when I read a book), but I kept on reading until around 180 page because I just couldn't stop reading. The story was really interesting and it was an easy and fast read. I love those kinds of books where I just relax and breeze through the book. There were just something with the story that as really enjoyable.


Louise is an interesting character, she has just lost her mother and she and her husband are estranged. And, now she is searching for her father. But it's not an easy search and the more she looks the more confused she gets over the result of her search. At the same time, is she also trying to mend her marriage which gets complicated when she learns the truth of why her husband wanted a break and the run-in with an ex-boyfriend of hers. All this makes the book really compelling to read because I can feel and understand her situation. Everything she does, the decisions have consequences and she also has secrets from her husband that affects their marriage. And, her search for her father takes unexpected turns through the book.


I must admit that I was surprised by the ending, not so much about the truth, but by how emotional I would be over it. Sure, I was not prepared for that revelation, but up until then I had enjoyed the book in a reasonable way, but I was totally taken by the truth and the ramifications of it. I was gutted, to be honest.


This is a very strong debut book. I think that Kate McQuaile has written a truly terrific book and I look forward to reading whatever else she will write in the future.

I want to thank the publisher for providing me with a free copy through NetGalley for an honest review.