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Interview with B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree Travis Bow

I realized today that I have forgotten to put up an interview I did with Travis Bow a little while ago. That's the problem with having to sites...lol


Anyways here is part of the interview, the rest can be read on A Bookaholic Swede


I’d like to welcome B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree Travis Bow to A Bookaholic Swede to talk with me about his story, Thane (Book 1 of the Everknot Duet)Travis Daniel Bow is the author of Thane and its sequel, King’s Table. He grew up in Reno, NV (where he raised pigs for FFA), earned degrees from Oklahoma Christian University (where he broke his collarbone in a misguided Parkour attempt) and Stanford (where he and his bike were hit by a car), and now does research and development work for Nikon. He has eight published short stories, four pending patent applications, one wonderful son, one beautiful wife, and one loving God.
Book synopsis: Of course he was joining them. He was going to train with the rebels, to learn to hold a sword and pick locks and speak languages and kill Huctans. He was diving in head-first, all in, ships burned. This was what he was born for."

When the Huctans conscript Timothy into a secret army—and when a girl with a strange set of skills sets him free—an awkward and lonely young man gets the chance to become a hero.

Throwing himself into the rebel cause, Timothy ignites years of pent-up frustration and futility in an obsessive drive to fight, spy, and deceive better than anyone else. Losing himself in the exhaustion of training and the danger of missions, he finds friendship with a Thane as fanatical as he is and wraps his new identity completely in service to the rebel Band. The rebel Band which, unbeknownst to him, was created to be betrayed.

A heart-breaking tale of duplicity, passion, and adventure.


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