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Lost Girls: A fast paced, gripping thriller novel (Detective Kim Stone crime thriller series Book 3) - Angela Marsons

Reading about obnoxious antisocial characters can be quite nice now and then. However, sometimes obnoxious can instead turn into annoying and that is how I feel about Kim Stone. She has a big attitude problem, and despite managing to solve cases is she breaking rules all the fucking time. And, yes that works for Lisbeth Salander (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), but Salander is not a cop, she doesn't have to follow rules. And, she definitely doesn't have to try to be a team leader. But Kim is a cop, she is the head of a case and she treats people like crap and frankly the only reason I'm still reading the book is that the story is good.


Well, it was good until this part when the psycho killer got his hands on a kitten.