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Stella's Christmas Wish by Kate Blackadder

One phone call can change everything...

Six days before Christmas, Stella could never have anticipated the impact on her life when the phone rings in her London office.

The phone call is from a friend of the family informing Stella that her grandmother has been hurt in a fall at her home in the Scottish borders and is in hospital. Torn between her responsibilities at work and the need to be with her grandmother she decides she must return to Scotland immediately.

However, on her return to where she grew up, it becomes apparent that her grandmother’s health is not her only concern. Relationships which have lain dormant for years are re-kindled and fresh opportunities present themselves – if she will only dare to take them...


You know what, I may not be a big reader of romance novels, but I do love a feel-good book (and feel-good movies are the best). This book feels like you should be snowed in somewhere, preferably in the country, with a nice armchair, warm blanket, hot chocolate and a sleeping cat. And, just the book. I did have the blanket and the cat.

Anyway, it's not a thick book, but the book managed to tell is tale during its pages nice and well. Besides the story in the present do we also get flashbacks to when Stella's grandmother was a child, during the war and these flashbacks, are very important for the story and personally I found them to be a good addition. There is a little mystery included in the story, which surprised and delighted me. I do love dual storylines so it was quite nice to discover that. Also, another thing I was worried that there would be a triangle drama, but that part of the story was handled great!

Stella's Christmas Wish is about family and friends. It's a sweet story. I did think that Stella should have told Ross the truth about why she was leaving for London. But, looking back to her childhood is it perhaps not a surprise that she rather kept it to herself.

I enjoyed reading this book and if you are looking for a Christmas story then I recommend this one!