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Bits and Pieces: Cat Daddies Mysteries Series

Bits and Pieces: Cat Daddies Mysteries Series - Wren Cavanagh I like cats. I especially like cats in books. Characters that have cats win bonus points in my opinion. And, in Bits and Pieces, we have a very large and unusual cat called Jericho who doesn't like that his cat daddy, the town's new vet, is being questioned for murder. So, he decides to help solve the murder, with some help from humans and animals along the way.

I found Bits and Pieces to be a very entertaining novella. Quite far from the horror book Arachnohazard, my first introduction to Wren Cavanagh. Although Bits and Pieces have a bit of gore as well, not as graphic and horrifying as in Arachnohazard perhaps, but they do have to pick up a murder victim in pieces...

Bits and Pieces is a perfect novella for when you want a mystery, with a cat, and some very interesting characters (both human and animals). The especially liked how the story ended, and I'm curious to see what will happen next.

I liked Bits and Pieces very much and I look forward to reading the rest four novellas!

I want to thank the author for proving me with a free copy for an honest review!

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