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How the Duke Was Won

How the Duke Was Won - Lenora Bell I think I have finally figured out what kind of historical romance work for me: rom-com just like with movies. Well, in this case, it's a historical rom-com (a his-rom-com?). Anyway, How the Duke Was Won turned out to be quite good just because it was so bloody funny now and then. I quite liked the part of the book when the four ladies and their mothers (or three ladies and their mother, and Charlene and her half-sister's mother) tried to win the Duke's favour and at the same time attacking each other. Had more of the book been as funny as that part had I probably given the book a higher rating.

However, as much as I enjoyed reading the book, was I not overly fond of the constant inner monologue abut how the Duke and Charlene wanted to ravish each other. I'm, not a prude, I just get bored with a man constantly thoughts about wanting to rip a woman's clothes of her body and take her right there. And, the sex-scenes I just skimmed for the same reason. And, here is the problem with me with the book. The last part of the book was not as good as the rest of the book. There was no twist to the story. And, I'm a girl that likes a good twist or two to a story, but the blurb pretty much gives the whole book away. But, still it was a pretty good historical rom-com and I do adore the cover for the book!

So, in the end, I want to say that I enjoyed reading most of the book. It made me smile and I quite liked the main characters. However, for some reason, I found the Duke's best friend Dalton more interesting and I hope to read more about him in another book (And it seems that he will actually be the main male character in the next book). If it is so will I definitely read the next book!

Thanks to Piatkus for providing me with a free copy for an honest review!