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The Last Days of Jack Sparks

The Last Days of Jack Sparks - Jason Arnopp The Last Days of Jack Spark is definitely a very odd book. However, it's not a bit scary. At least I do not think that. I actually found it to be more tragic, a black comedy kind of book, well without much comedy. A book about guilt, life after death and possessions. And, there were moments when I found the book a bit dreary.

However, it also had some really great moments, or rather it ended with a bang. I love that ending, if the rest of the book had felt as good as the ending, then I would have loved the whole book. But, alas, I found the story, especially when Jack was in L.A to be the part that I least enjoyed. But, then came the ending, then everything started to make sense and that's when I started to enjoy the story. And, that's when I started to feel sorry for Jack (let's face it, he's a jerk for 95% of the book).

I liked the style of the book; The Last Days of Jack Spark being the manuscript that Jack left, and interviews with people that met Jack and recorded conversations, etc. I liked how Jack's memories of events contradicted everyone else. If it just had been scary, then it would have been a marvelous book. Sure, it's gory and all, but not scary. But, I guess for people not that used to horror is this book scary to read.

So, not a personal hit for me, but not a bad book. I basically like the style of the book, and the unusual story and the ending were terrific!

I want to thank Orbit for providing me with a free copy for an honest review!