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Body of Lies (Eve Duncan)

Body of Lies (Eve Duncan) - Iris Johansen I thought the finding of Bonnie's body in the previous book was a bit too easy and not central enough for the story. I mean in the last book Eve and Quinn had small roles while Sarah Patrick and John Logan was the main characters. And we only get to know that Bonnie's body had been found when Sarah Patrick travels to the funeral. I felt that it was weird that it didn't have a more central role in a book. But, in this book Iris Johansen twist everything and suddenly this closet chapter is not as closed as I thought it would be. And, Eve who is hurting after learning of a big betrayal decides to take on the very job she had no plans to take and suddenly she is very much in danger. Now it seems that there could be a secret organization that will stop at nothing to get the skull that she is working on.

As usual was I quickly caught up in the story, and I liked all the twist and turns throughout the story. I was also pleasantly happy to once again get to know Sean Galen as Logan sends him to Eve to look after her. And, as usual not, everything is as it should be, and not everybody is trustworthy. Thankfully Eve as Galen and Quinn to look after her.

I quite liked this book and I'm looking forward reading more in the series!