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The Lady's Command

The Lady's Command - Stephanie Laurens Declan and Edwina Frobisher are newlyweds and their planned honeymoon gets interrupted when Declan has to travel to Africa and the town Freetown where four men have disappeared. His mission is to discreetly find out what has happened to the men. Edwina, on the other hand, wants to travel with him to Freetown, but Declan thinks that that is not a good idea. Instead, he promises her to take her to Amsterdam or something safer. But Edwina has decided that she will know more about what Declan does now that they are married. And, that means to travel with him, no matter what!

First and foremost the cover is ghastly. The posing of the characters and the colors (pastel colors?), Declan looks really unhappy. I usually don't comment that much about the cover when it comes to reviews unless it's so gorgeous I just have to mention it. But this cover is just so bad.

The story is a bit unusual to the ones I usually read when it comes to historical romance. For one thing, the couple is already marriage. And, happily so. I more used to stories when people falling in love, not starting off in love and married. That was an interesting change. It's also a very equally marriage. Well, as equal it can be at the time. Declan still tried to tell Edwina what to do and try to keep her from danger, but she isn't the kind of woman that stays home and is told what to do. As Declan learns when he tried to travel to Africa alone.

I found myself with difficulties to really getting into the story and connect with the characters. Declan and Edwina were just not a couple I found that interesting to read about. He is head over heels in love with her and in him. The mystery of the missing men gets a bit lost in this big declaration of their love that is this book. He misses her when she isn't by his side and constantly thinks about how much he is in love with her and vice versa. It's just a fluffy love story, but not even a really good one since neither characters is especially interesting, it's just too dull.

But if the thought of reading a book about a couple that is already married and is facing some "difficulties" for the first time after the wedding seems appealing than this book is perhaps more suiting for you than it was for me.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher for a blog tour at TLC Book Tours.