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Pop Goes the Weasel

Pop Goes the Weasel - M.J. Arlidge In some cases is it quite alright to read books out of order. But I have to admit that I felt when I started this book that I perhaps should have read the first Eeny Meeny first because the character in this book is still trying to put their lives together after the happenings in the first book. Also, now that I know the identity of the person behind everything in the first book will it be less "fun" to read the first book when I get to it.

Detective Inspector Helen Grace is back after her ordeals in the first book. Her private life is not as private anymore after what happened in Eeny Meeny, but she is trying to get on with her life, which is hard because Charlie is returning to work and their relationship is not that good and Helen had hoped that Charlie had been transferred to another unit. Charlie meanwhile has her own problems with her miscarriage and her worry about returning to work. They soon have to put their difference aside when a dead body is found with his hard cut out. And, then another body is found. It seems they have a serial killer on their hands...someone that is out to kill men that use prostitutes.

I didn't find this book truly intensive and interesting until I had read around 40% of the book. Since I haven't read the first book was I a bit lost with why Helen was so angry with Charlie. I mean I learned why Charlie had been away from the force, but I found Helen's attitude towards Helen a bit extreme. But then I started to learn more about Helen, about what she had been through growing up and everything that Happened in the last book. So I kind of understood.

But the story, the hunt for the killer and everything around the cops and their personal lives suddenly became very interesting and I had a hard time to put down the book. I came to care for the characters in the book and I even sympathized with the killer when I learned more about the motives.

M.J. Arlidge has written a really good book and I'm looking forward to reading the rest in this series.

Thanks to NAL and Edelweiss for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!