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Lewispjäserna - Peter  May, Charlotte Hjukström Fin Macleod is working as a head security on an estate on Lewis. He is in charge of investigating illegal game-hunting and this brings him at a collision course with an old friend of his Whistler Macaskill a local poacher. The something unexpected happens, the dead body of musician and an old friend to both Fin and Whistler is discovered in an airplane in a lake.

The first two books in this series are truly great and I've been looking forward to reading the last book in the trilogy and it was great to once again return to the isle of Lewis and Fin Macleod. But I didn't find the case in this book as interesting as the last two books, the finding of dead musician and the secrets that this reveal were just not intriguing enough I think. Don't take me wrong the book was good, just the case wasn't surprising enough. But the ending did have a great big surprise that I didn't expect, but that was more to do with something relevant to the previous book.

All and all not as superb as the previous two books, still enjoyable to read and I quite liked Whistler. I do wish that Peter May will write more books about Fin Macleod even though this book is the last in the trilogy.