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The Sixth Gun Volume 2 TP

The Sixth Gun Volume 2 TP - Cullen Bunn The Sixth Gun, Vol. 2: Crossroads is just as action-filled as the first volume. Drake and Becky have travelled to New Orleans. There are a lot of tensions between them and they get into a fight. Drake leaves Becky at the saloon they are staying to find a guy called Henri Fournier, to help him with the guns, that lives at a crossroad out in the swamps. Becky meets in the saloon a gunfighter called Kirby Hale that tries his best to charm her. And then...well you have to read it yourself to find out...

This was a great volume; the only part that bothered me was Becky and Kirby Hale. The first guy that shows some interest in her and she throws herself at his feet? After all, that she’s been through she just decided to tell him everything about the guns, after she just met him? I put it down to her still being naïve, but it was still annoying. I hope she has learned her lesson now.