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The Devil's Grin

The Devil's Grin - Annelie Wendeberg Anna Kronberg masquerades as a male doctor, Anton Kronberg to be able to practice medicine in London. He/she is called in when a dead body is found in the drinking water supply. Sherlock Holmes is also called in and he quickly discovers that Anton is a woman, but he doesn't reveal it to anyone. Soon Anna/Anton and Sherlock Holmes is working together in the case since the dead body is only the tip of the iceberg.

On the plus side; the book is so short it was a quick read. On the negative side; the book was so short that it lacked any depth to the story. The story wasn't that bad, the case was interesting, but I had problems with the writing and the characters. As I said before the book lacked any depth, and I can't help to compare it with Laurie R. King's Sherlock Holmes and Mary Russell series but without likable characters and without Kings ability to entrance her readers with a fantastic story and a great writing. I love books that pull you into the story and don't let go. This one lacks the ability to do so.

Also, something that really feels wrong. Sherlock Holmes or the man Annelie Wendeberg calls Sherlock Holmes because he doesn't feel or act, or speak as Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes would do. I don't mind reading other people's stories about Sherlock Holmes, but when they twist him into a different person that doesn't feel like Sherlock Holmes anymore, well that's it for me.

Lucky for me I paid nothing for this book. Too bad that I bought the next book before I read this one. But it didn't cost me so much, only $2.99. So I will read it one day, but not now.