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Gökens rop

Gökens rop - Robert Galbraith, Charlotte Hjukström Supermodel Lula Landry falls to her death from her apartment and everyone thinks it's suicide. Everyone but her brother, John Bristow, who think she was murdered and hires private detective Cormoran Strike to find out if she was killed.

Robert Galbraith alias J.K. Rowling has written an interesting book. Both well written and with great character. Cormoran Strike is without a doubt on of the most interesting and human detective I have ever encountered. What I love about him is that he isn't super smart. He is good at his job, but he doesn't rub your nose in it all the time.

But as much as I like Cormoran there is a character I love more. And that is Robin Ellacott. Here we have a character that has everything. In the beginning, of the book her boyfriend Matthew propose to her and she accepts it. She is working as a substitute for a while until she gets a permanent job. Working for Cormoran Strike is just a passing thing. That is until she gets to her new workplace and sees that he is a private detective. She has always wanted to work for a private detective and even though her life is perfect and this is just a work for a week before she gets a higher-paid permanent job. But you really can tell how much she is enjoying her new job even though her fiancé Matthew isn't that happy about it.

But why only 3 stars in the end? I loved the characters, I will without a doubt read the next book. I liked the story, even though I felt the story dragged on a bit sometimes. But I didn't like the ending.
I just didn't see the reason for why John Bristow would hire a private detective to discover who killed his sister when he was the one that did it? I know he tried to frame Lula's other brother. But everyone though she had committed suicide, he was in the clear, nobody knew about another testament, well except Rochelle. But no one would have known she was murdered. Also if Bristow hadn't hired Cormoran. The only solution I can think of is that Bristow was truly and utterly mad and stupid!

And that is why the book only get's 3 stars!