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No Man's Land (John Puller Series Book 4)

No Man's Land (John Puller Series Book 4) - David Baldacci Once again have I read the latest book in a series without having read the previous books. That's my special power. Well, it's probably just that I keep on discovering series when a couple of books have been released. I always see that as a good thing, when the book is really good because now I know that I have several books to read. And, No Man's Land was good, pretty awesome actually. I found myself really enjoying the story and its characters.

I always love when a story deals with old cases, and this with John Puller's missing mother was both intriguing and sad. She just walked out one day never to be seen again. What happened to her? Did she leave or was she murdered? Now, a woman is claiming that Puller's father could be the killer. But, Puller's father is suffering from dementia and living in a VA hospital. So Puller decided that he will find out the truth no matter what.

I found No Man's Land to be very engrossing, I loved the characters, from Paul and Bobby Pullers to poor Paul Rogers. I was a bit worried when Veronica Knox showed up that the story would turn out to be a "will they or won't they" kind of book, but of course this is not a suspect romance novel and Knox and Pullar may have a thing, but business first.

No Man's Land is the fourth book in the John Pullar series, you can easily read this one without having read the previous book, although with the risk of getting hooked and needing to get the previous three books!

4.5 stars

I want to thank the publisher for providing me with a free copy for an honest review!