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Det är något som inte stämmer

Det är något som inte stämmer - Martina Haag I started to listen to this book last year, but there came a point whee I just felt that I was either going to have to DNF the book or stop listening to the audio book and read it instead. I waited and today I found it online to borrow from the library.

Martina Haag is much more known for her more feel-good books. But, this is I will say Martina'sway of writing about her pain of going through a divorce. So, she writes about a woman whose husband leaves her for another woman, a woman he has been working with doing a TV-show. This is what's happened to Martin Haag in real life. So it's fiction, but still some grains from reality.

I was curious about this book. I mean most of us likes to read gossip and to get a book about a bitter divorce written by someone who's divorce was very bitter, well it's interesting to read. But, also, it feels a bit wrong. But hey, at least, she earns some money from this.

The book is, well, not that good to be honest. It feels a bit rushed, like a therapeutical way of dealing with one's anger and grief. A way to gain sympathy. What I had a problem with, was that she kept on trying to promise thing (money to charity if Anders would return to her), to change herself so that he would come back. Yeah, she was quite desperate. I think this book should have worked better if the story had been deeper and the characters less flat. This way of writing works when Martina is writing her feel-good books, but this book feels like an early stage before the characters and the story are fleshed out. The book is just too short, my version was just 140 pages. And, to be honest, choosing to write a book where the storyline is too close to reality is perhaps not the best. She could just as well write a biography.

The book was so-so. It was best in the beginning, got awfully annoying towards the middle and the last of the book worked thanks to the fact that I was reading it and not listening to it.