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Joyland - Stephen King

Joyland is not the best Stephen King book I have read, nor is the worst. It’s a good one, a sweet one with a dark ending. It’s a bit paranormal, not over the top paranormal, only just a hint of it. It’s a crime novel, but the crime isn’t a large part of the story, not until the end. It’s a book about one man’s year, a man that looks back to how a year changed his life. I will say that’s the year that made Devin Jones go from a boy to a man.


Sometimes when I read the book I almost forgot that it was a crime novel, hell it wasn’t even that paranormal, just the psychic kid and the haunted horror house, no biggie. It’s felt more like a story about growing up, with a hint of paranormal/crime. One thing that was good with the book was that I didn’t know how the killer was until the end when it was reviled. It’s always nice to be surprised.